SnapSite Builder TM

If you are currently an EcoSnap customer, and would like to use SnapSite Builder with your site, follow these steps:

Installing SnapSite Builder

  1. Login to cPanel
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    To log in to cPanel, follow these steps:
  2. From within cPanel, click the SnapSite Builder icon
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    The site builder icon looks like this:
  3. Under the heading 'Start using SnapSite Builder', choose the domain you wish to manage and click the button: 'Activate on this Domain'
  4. Now, your site should be listed under 'Existing Sites'
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    Click the 'Edit' icon (Opens in a new window)

Using SnapSite Builder

  1. The admin menu appears on every page of the editor. It's the starting point for pretty much everything you might do in the SnapSite Builder
    1. Edit
      - Launches the page editor allowing you to add/modify your site's content.
    2. Publish
      - It's good practice to use the Publish link after making any changes to your site. It ensures your visitors see exactly what you see.
    3. Dashboard
      - The dashboard gives you access to all of the SnapSite Builder's functionality. From there you can change the site template, add or rename pages, and more.


Visit our tutorial library to view step-by-step videos on using the SnapSite Builder.